Run 2km for one week

May 6
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1 week
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Hello, my name is pizzalover
I made this Goalie because:

I just successfully completed my first exercise challenge with my wonderful challenge mates!! I hope to see other mates soon for this challenge too.

It was a great experience for me personally because I'm the one who did not enjoy exercising. But I found myself enjoying the challenge during the past 2 weeks. That made me decide to make a new challenge right away after the previous one!

P.s. 💸 Money was a high motivation to me during the past 2 weeks. I want to do the exercising challenge again just 1 week first but with the high motivation!!

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Leader's check-in instructions

If you are running on a treadmill (like me) take a photo at the end of your run of the treadmill showing the distance you ran.

If you are running outside, if you have "Strava" app then upload a screenshot showing the distance you ran, otherwise upload any screenshot that shows the distance.

If you have no apps that shows the distance then upload a selfie after your run :)