Apply for at least one job per weekday (M-F)

April 22
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4 weeks
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Hello, my name is scalar
I made this Goalie because:

Many tech companies laid off employees this year. The job search can be tough. This challenge should help you find the financial motivation to REALLY look for a replacement job.

I personally quit my high-stress cybersecurity automation job back in August, before this year's layoffs. I didn't realize how stressful the job had actually been until I quit. Since I had saved up lots of money ahead of time, I did not feel an urgency to get back into the job market, and I have actually only applied for one job since I quit. Since I am frugal and I hate losing money, hopefully this challenge will help me get my ass in gear.

Why are weekends excluded from the requirements?

I think we should apply for jobs when everyone else is at their 9-5. Weekends and evenings provide opportunities for socializing, which is important, but it also might unexpectedly lead to a job opportunity. Don't discount the importance of networking.

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Leader's check-in instructions

Post a screenshot of the "Thank you for applying" screen of at least one completed job application* per weekday.

Screenshots must be different each day. Try to include the company name in the screenshot if possible. Include a news article from that day in the screenshot as proof that you didn't frontload your applications.

If you have an all-day interview with a company, you can instead post proof of the interview invitation. Companies like Amazon are notorious for eating up candidates' time this way, and from experience I know it's exhausting.

You must apply for jobs or have all-day interviews scheduled for each day of the first 2 weeks. If, after that, you have an offer letter that you've accepted, you should stop applying and instead post advice and encouragement for the people who are left as your check-in.

* Proof of an application to a university will also be acceptable.